Versace T-Shirt controversy causes mayhem and faces criticism in China

Versace T-Shirt gaffe controversy seems to witness no end of criticism in China

When you are working for a firm like Versace that holds world-wide recognition and acknowledgement even a small mistake turns into a gaffe. Being extremely precise and perfect is what is expected of people working in renowned MNC’s and brand-firms.

However “To err is human”, right? One such incident of a little lapse-of-concentration recently dragged Versace into the sordid-spotlight. The Italian Luxury label recently got trolled on the internet over Versace T-Shirt controversy! Know what caused the mayhem and how did the company meet with the unexpected turn of events.

Versace T-Shirt gaffe seems to witness no end of criticism in China

China criticizes Versace for calling its autonomous territories as independent countries.
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Versace is in the pits of trouble again!

Versace, the Italian luxury label recently launched the company’s new T-shirts. However, never even in their dreams they could have imagined that the shirt holds a blunder like error. The shirt identified the autonomous territories of Macau and Hong Kong as independent countries.

The release was widely criticized on social media in China making the brand along with its artistic director to seek apologize for the mistake. The firm, which had been brought by Michael Kor’s Capri Holdings Ltd. in September took to Weibo to announce an official-public apologize.

Versace T-shirt controversy: Will the apologize calm the masses?

Versace even said in its statement on Weibo that the brand has stopped the sale of the controversial Versace T-shirts on July 24 and even destroyed the remaining T-shirts. While the sister of the late founder, Donatella Versace posted her repentance statement on Instagram regrading Versace T-Shirt gaffe controversy. Her post read

Versace T-Shirt gaffe seems to witness no end of criticism in China

Apologizes are already being offered for the gaffe
Source: Reuters

Never have I wanted to disrespect China’s National Sovereignty and this is why I wanted to personally apologize for such inaccuracy and for any distress that it might have caused,”

The matters seems to be getting out-of-control!

Matter got escalated when Versace’s brand ambassador of China, Yang Mi announced on Weido the news of her ending the contract. The topic of the one of country’s most-well known actress relinquishing her position became most viewed topic on Sunday!

Though the fashion house has done all they could, in ever possible way to apologize for their mistake, China seems in no mood of forgiveness. Let’s see how far this Versace T-Shirt controversy gets dragged before it too like so many others disappear in the background.

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