Victoria’s Secret Calls off Annual Fashion Show in 2019 over body shaming claims

Victoria's Secret Calls off Annual Fashion Show in 2019

Amidst feminist outcries and body shaming claims, Victoria’s Secret has chosen to call off this year’s, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the first-ever time in a 42-year old reputed history.

Victoria’s Secret redlines annual lingerie fashion show

 Victoria's Secret Calls off Annual Fashion Show in 2019


The news first broke after Victoria’s Secret Angel Shanina Shaik announced the sudden cancellation of iconic lingerie and sleepwear headlining annual fashion show in 2019.

Shaik mentioned;

Unfortunately, the annual Victoria’s Secret show will not be happening this year. It’s something that I’m really not used to. Every year I’m training like an Angel around this time.

But I’m sure something big will happen in the future for which I’m pretty confirm about. I’m sure they maybe working upon re-branding and new ways to do the show, because the show is best in the world.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has undergone an indifferent depression in viewership ratings over the past few years. A few 2018 reports have suggested a record decline in viewership ratings all over the world.

Specifically designed to lure an audience group of 18 to 48 years, the show hit an all-time low of 0.9 ratings while earmarking an audience of more than 3.27 million watchers.

What made the show so hard to resist?

Victoria’s Secret Show’s tremendous reputation can be dated back to 1995 when the show aired afresh on prime international televisions. Although, the show intended to preach women about their attire choices and to love everything they wear, without peer restrictions.

We all love lingerie and sultry sleepwear. Even if we can’t flaunt our insides at numerous love places, the lingerie choice is traded to be a hallmark of self-love. The show heightened up the sense of fashion and intrinsic wear through the annual fashion show promoting a raunchy, luring lingerie line.

 Victoria's Secret Calls off Annual Fashion Show in 2019

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However, the show inspired women to chose their own desires with comfort, Victoria’s secret failed to appreciate a women’s own self through the profit-seeking smutty event.

You’d never see a plus-size or black model walking the ramp for Victoria’s secret. And that’s an absolute irony for a women-centric personal care brand; women are growing more anxious about themselves rather than feeling free and loved for what they are. Victoria’s Secret has failed you, I and whoever woman has ever faced body-shaming in her lifetime.

The downfalls and mothballing the annual event

The show, at brief instances, prompted a supremacist attitude by furthering white models over blacks. Besides, by promoting the ideology of ‘nothing is sexier than a woman with her underwear’ the brand has sold a woman’s vulnerability under the name of erotic fantasy.

Victoria’s Secret has recklessly incited size zero models to mold the brand into an enviable look.

The point is; every woman is invincible enough to walk freely within underpants regardless of what color or size they are of. And I feel nothing would be sexier than a woman who feels appreciated and accepted for what she really is.

Unfortunately, the show went on to be a damp squib and finally bursting towards an end. The annual fashion event can no more prey upon someone’s powerlessness and sensitivity.

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