Vivianne Miedema kicks in breaking all the records in Football

Vivianne Miedema kicks in breaking all the records

Vivianne Miedema kicks in breaking all the records! Football craze runs in our veins and every goal boosts our blood pressure! Imagine being on the field and cheering for your favorite team like crazy! Vivianne Miedema has become Netherland’s top-scorer after her iconic goals! The Dutch scorer tastes fame after scoring the third goal from her side paving her rank into the all-time women’s top-scorer list.

Cameroon did have survival chances but they were nullified completely after Vivianne Miedema took the lead. Miedema turned goals (literally) when she was put in the lead for Arsenal. Just 154 seconds into the lead she showed that her feet do the talking and when they do, the render everybody speechless in the stadium.

Vivianne Miedema kicks in breaking all the records

The team has never been so happy
Source-Women’s World Cup

The Stadium turns into mini-Netherlands

Fans traveled miles just to support their team. There efforts paid off when they saw Vivianne Miedema scored her goals thus securing a win for the Dutch team!

Le Havre was filled with the Dutch fans shouting and supporting their team! The opening match itself was so thrilling that furthermore can just be imagined! Cameroon beats New Zealand in the opening itself. This Saturday we witnessed a quite rough game which later revealed a record breaker.

Vivianne Miedema kicks in breaking all the records

The all time scorer
Source – UltraSportsTv

Vivianne Miedema Scores

Miedema creates the hype by asking her fans on Twitter whether they are ready or not! The players are ready to win, is the audience ready to celebrate? Vivianne Miedema proves to be a superhero for the Netherlands. Vivianne pushes her country to the knockout stages and her profile too. The 22-year-old Dutch player breaks all records.

The iconic net goal is unforgettable to every fan who witnessed it, be it onscreen or live! The 3-1 scoreboard was enough to make every fan cry with tears of happiness. Three goals among those two were scored by Vivianne herself! This definitely took her game up a notch and now there is no turning back!

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