VLC Media Player has a lapse in control flaws that is making you vulnerable

VLC media player's lapse in control flaws are making you vulnerable: Beware

VLC Media Player users this one’s for you. For maybe you are unaware about how risky your few minutes of enjoyment can be?? According to German security agency CERT  there is a serious and jeopardizing security issue with the latest VLC version. It has issued a warning to all VLC Media Player regarding the matter. The latest version of VLC Media Player holds certain flaws and loops that makes a player vulnerable to hackers, who can crash your app or run parallel hidden codes on your system! Its all up to them to decide how to use your system, once they gatecrash in!

VLC media player's lapse in control flaws are making you vulnerable: Beware

Act, don’t react!
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VLC Media Player: New version is not safe!

As stated in the warning the agency has discovered some serious security issue in the latest version of VLC Media Player. The problem cum flaw is marked as critical along with level 4 risk assessment as High. It clarified for the users that version of VLC on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms are most exposed to the flaws.

Thus indicating that macOS users can take a deep breath and relax! For they are safe and away from all the mess. CERT dubbed the issue as CVE-2019-13615 and even reported the code-name to the general public.

However, the flaw appears to be undetected by hackers. For no current exploits have been reported in real life. The lapse in total control allow hackers to run arbitrary code on the players system without their knowledge.

Moreover, they can send you a video file which can easily crash your entire system as well as run hidden codes on it.

What does VideoLAN says about the flaws?

VLC media player's lapse in control flaws are making you vulnerable: Beware

VideoLAN takes a stand about the matter
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Certain online reports have advised users to uninstall the program for the time being. Looking for alternatives is also suggested by people. The issue has been acknowledged by VideoLAN as well. They have accepted its existence and informed the massed that they are working to fix it.

VideoLAN, the company behind VLC Media Player expressed their views regarding the matter through a tweet. The tweet starkly says that the company is not happy about the bad publicity of their product, VLC Media Player without prior information.

They even said that the error is not as major as depicted by certain reports. Therefore unnecessary panicking should be avoided.

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