Watchmen Episode 3 Predictions: Best Theories to Solve the Episode Mysteries of Will and Angela

Watchmen Episode 3 Predictions

Watchmen Episode 2 “Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship” was just released and it has created more questions than it solved. The second episode of the Watchmen TV series was something entirely different from a regular show and it ended with a flying vessel taking Will Reeves into space off to his freedom.

The mindfreaking vigilante superhero or supervillains, whatever you call drama from Damon Lindelof has made fans confused about how did Angela survive the White Night and how did Will Reeves manage to kill Judd Crowford. Also, what is Ozymandids played by Jeremy Irons doing in the woods? What the hell is going on Watchmen? Here are some theories on Watchmen Episode 3 titled “She was killed by Space Junk” and the answers to those mysteries in the last episode.

Dr. Manhattan is Will Reeves?

Dr. Manhattan is Will Reeves

One of the biggest mystery from Watchmen Episode 2 was how could Will Reeves, an old man who is more than 100 years in age could kill Judd Crowford played by Don Johnson. Also, how could he get free from his handcuffs and put Crowford into a tree which is possible in no way! There’s something suspicious about Will, he is not who’s he telling, also there’s a history of him in Tulsa.

There could also be some sort of connection between Angela and Will, maybe he’s the grandfather and that’s why he saved her and is telling her everything in pieces. There are some theories which say that Will Reeves could be Dr. Manhattan or a friend of his as when he says that he has friends in high places, a giant magnet arrives from the sky and save him from incarceration.

How is Angela alive?

How is Angela alive

The second most important question from Watchmen: Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship is how did Angela was able to survive the White Night killings. She was able to knife the first Rorschach gunman but the second guy in the mask was clearly able to overpower her and the scene faded to black.

After that, it shows that Angela in the hospital with Judd by her side, they were the only two able to survive the massacre. There’s something strange going in the state of Oklahoma and Judd and Angela knew that. Also, the kids of Angela are not her actual children, but she adopted her partner Topher’s kids after he was murdered.

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