Watchmen Season 1 Ending Explained, Will HBO come out with Watchmen Season 2?

HBO Watchmen Season 1 Ending

Watchmen TV series is already getting great reviews even before the first episode will be out to the public on Sunday. HBO premiered the first episode to a selected audience at the New York comic con and fans have so far loved the show. Based on the graphical novel of the same name and somehow connected to the Zack Snyder movie, HBO’s Watchmen has made up its own name among the masses.

The series creators Damon Lindelof and Nicole Kassell recently hinted at the ending of the first season of Watchmen and the possibility of the season 2. The directors confirmed that Watchmen has enough content to create another season and Watchmen Season 2 could be out soon based on the public response of the first one.

Does Watchmen Season Ends on a Cliffhanger?

Does Watchmen Ends on a Cliffhanger

One of the biggest questions everyone who has Watchmen Season 1 is that was it the whole story or will there be more to it? Nicole Kassell, the executive producer and director of the show has said that as a fan she thinks there it would be delicious and wonderful to see what happens next in the amazing world we have created.

Although the series creator Damon Lindelof said that there is no guarantee for the second season of Watchmen at the New York comic panel, it doesn’t mean the story is over. Most of the mysteries in the first season will be resolved by the end and at the same time there will be room further to continue them into Watchmen Season 2.

HBO’s Watchmen Season 2 Possibilities

HBO's Watchmen Season 2 Possibilities

Watchmen Season 1 has nine episodes that have been well crafted to form a single storyline connecting every character and plot point. It was confusing at times, the directors said, but the scriptwriters have written “trust me, don’t get confused” at such instances.

Kassell and Lindelof have big plans for the Watchmen series and based on the audience response, they could make several more seasons. Based on the the reviews till now, HBO will soon announce the second season of Watchmen and production will start.

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