Watchmen Season 2 Might Get Cancelled If The Show Doesn’t Get Good Ratings This Year

HBO Watchmen Season 2 Cancelled

Watchmen Season 2 demands have been around for quite some time now, even while the first season of the show hasn’t really concluded yet. With the show getting more interesting with new reveals (such as those of Dr Manhattan) coming out, it is gaining more fans with every passing week. However, HBO’s Watchmen continues to be perceived by the network as a very niche show which will appeal only to those who follow the comic books and are really invested in the cannon.

Watchmen Season 2

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Will HBO Cancel Watchmen Season 2?

The fact whether Season 2 releases or not depends heavily upon the first season of the show. While the ratings are not abysmal, HBO still had higher expectations from the show and the word is that there were indeed confirmed plans to have a second season for the show, the network execs might be reconsidering it now.

HBO Watchmen Season 2

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However, for the time being, no concrete decision has been taken by HBO yet and the future of the show remains safe. With more interesting twists and turns coming our way, there’s a good chance that the rating might improve in the days to follow.

Watchmen Season 2 Release Date and More Details

Watchmen Season 2 Cancelled

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If everything does go well, the show will get a second season and Watchmen Season 2 will come out in Q3 2020, around the same time it came out this year. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the HBO’s Watchmen!

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