Watchmen Season 2 Release Date Demanded by Fans

Watchmen Season 2 Release Date

DC has been on quite a roll with their TV shows of late. While some of their mainstream superheroes such as Flash, Arrow, etc. have been doing pretty well on TV, other DC comic adaptations have also started off of late. Watchmen happens to be one of the most popular ones in recent times and while the first season is still on-air, fans are already demanding that HBO must ensure that Watchmen Season 2 happens for sure!

Watchmen Season 2

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Watchmen Season 2: Will it Happen?

The problem with superhero TV shows is that they appeal only to a certain section of society. However, when it comes to going with offbeat comic book choices such as The Watchmen, pilot seasons are critical – if the show doesn’t get a good response in the first season there might not be a second season. However, we have seen some offbeat shows to be mighty successful, as was the case with Smallville in the past.

Watchmen Season 2 Story

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Watchmen Season 2 is definitely going to happen and there are speculations that casting has also begun for the same. More updates on this should be out shortly but you can rest assured that at least a second season is coming for sure.

When Will Watchmen Season 2 Release?

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The first season of the show will be on-air till about mid-December this year. The second season will be shot over the next year and is expected to release either in late 2020 or in early 2021. Nothing can be said for certain about the release date as of now but more details will emerge as the days pass. Stay tuned!

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