Water Resorts in Desserts: You heard me right, Fernando Fischmann on the job

Creating Water Resorts in Desserts- No it's not an Oasis
Lagoons in Desert.

Well, the human brain is the most intelligent gift for humans, anything that the humans thought of making a few years ago, is now turning into reality. Well have you listened about water resorts in dessert, seems to be illogical but it’s true.

Fernando Fischmann is the man behind the invention of some of the most amazing water resorts.

Creating Water Resorts in Desserts- No it's not an Oasis

The man behind the artificial lagoons.

After researching for years and doing a lot of hard work, Fischmann developed the technology of designing the world’ s largest artificial lagoon.

The Lagoons

The lagoons have clear water. These lagoons are then filled with salt water or sometimes with fresh water with the help of dock-boats.

The cleaning of these resorts is done on a regular basis so, to they use less amount of chemicals and energy to purify the water.

Creating Water Resorts in Desserts- No it's not an Oasis

The Oasis Village of Spain.

These lagoons are made from about 8 feet deep to 12.

To ensure the cleanliness of these Lagoons, they have electronic sensors that check the level of bacterias like algae formation around the pool.

Also, less amount of chemicals are used as when required.

According, to Fernando Fischmann

9 years ago when he started the company he wanted to make something beautiful in Dubai.

And now we are in the process of making the biggest lagoon project “The Meydan”.

The company has created many crystal lagoons in the world and in remote areas. This also includes locations like Egypt where a Lagoon is created in the middle of the Dessert.

It’s not that far when such beach lifestyle will be available to everyone regardless of their location.

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