We think we know all about Navy Pier Stampede, do we?

We think we know all about Navy Pier Stampede, do we?

After Navy Pier’s fireworks on the 4th of July, a turmoil exploded when thousands of people struggled for refuge among the unconfirmed and eventually inaccurate rumors of firing. What added more fear and panic among them was the stabbing of 3 people just outside Navy Pier. This led to Navy Pier Stampede

We think we know all about Navy Pier Stampede, do we?

Navy Pier Stampede: Details

According to the Chicago police- near about 10:10 p.m, 3 people were stabbed after a fight that started among a group of people.

Two boys one, 14 and another 15 years old were injured. One was stabbed in the rib and arm while the other boy was stabbed badly in the armpit. They both are recovering now.

Another man around 30 years old, wounded badly in the arm in the Navy Pier Stampede and his face, is also recovering. He was not even involved in that chaos and doesn’t remember anything regarding the stabbing.

On Thursday night the conflict happened outside the secured zone of the pier.  Visitors who were entering Pier were all put through a security check before the show.

A 16 years old boy also wounded his leg as he ran into a table in the Navy Pier Stampede. Police suspect though if he was also a part of the chaos or not.

We think we know all about Navy Pier Stampede, do we?

According to one of the policeman, all the three victims were very uncooperative to the investigation team after the incident. The Chicago police are still searching for the two male suspects who were involved in the chaos.

According to the Police spokesman “Rocco Alito” they believe that someone shouted “gun”. At the same time, 13 people were also injured when someone threw firecrackers at the exit.  All the victims injured had minor injuries which were not really life-threatening.

The scene was described as very “chaotic” to Chris Coffey of NBC 5 by an eyewitness. No one had any idea about what was happening and why people were running away. The eyewitness said,

I was moving towards the exit and all of a sudden people were running towards me

He said that his first impulse in the Navy Pier Stampede was to run away and that everyone seemed panicked.

The police said that the exact injuries of victims at the time of Navy Pier Stampede is still undiscovered since many people themselves rushed to the hospitals.

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