Weed Helps To Stop Heroin Addiction, Check Why!

Weed Helps To Stop Heroin Addiction, Check Why!
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Weed helps to stop Heroin addiction and now all the stoners are dancing. This indeed is good news for every stoner and to all the addicts. As funny as it may sound that a drug helps in curing addictions of another drug. Stoners have always dreamt of defending their packet of heaven. They love creating more stoners and they’d always ask you for a drag.

Here’s to everyone who is reading this while they are high. You guys are about to trance dance. Our sources say that cannabis can be used to control the addiction to heroin. They also say that cannabis helps in curing the anxiety in a person. While every stoner has red eyes and ‘told ya’ in their mouths, we go further.

Weed Helps To Stop Heroin Addiction

Cannabinoids help with mental health.
Source- Leaf Science

How does this happen?

All the stoners and some who have knowledge about weed, know that there are substances in it. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is found in abundance after which Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in a lesser but abundant quantity. CBD here helps to control the anxiety and the addiction to heroin.

This study was published by The American Journal of Psychiatry. CBD is a non-psychotic drug, it does not have any side effects nor it gets you high says Hurd the one who conducted the experiment. She has seen remarkable changes amongst the people she used cannabis, which was certified by the FDA. The growth of CBD has increased after the 2018 Farm Bill which legalizes it.

Weed Helps To Stop Heroin Addiction, Check Why!

Weed helps decrease stress and anxiety.
Source- Sensi Seeds

The Weed experiment

Hurd and her team of researches took 42 people who had been consuming heroin for over 13 years. The people were divided into different groups based on their dose. The dose followed to be 800 milligrams, 400 milligrams or a placebo. The gave these dose for two weeks straight and were later shown serene images like water or any senary.

Weed Helps To Stop Heroin Addiction, Check Why!

They read remarkable results in the people. Firstly, their cravings were reduced surprisingly. Second, they were a much calmer and good control of the urge. Third, they didn’t feel the need to do it. Hurd and team want to the research further for over a span of six months and that will be done soon. This concludes that weed/cannabis/stash can be super useful except the high. Check out for more.

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