What is Antifa? Explanation of the Movement for Confronting the Far Right


Antifa is short for the word “anti-fascist.” These radical activists have recently surfaced at various events around the country. For instance, they took part in opposing the “Unite the Right” rally held at Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.

A movement to confront the white supremacists and right-wing extremists, at times with violence, has invited attention this weekend. This was a result of a clash between the black-clad protestors and conservative marchers in Portland, Ore., where a journalist was left bloodied.


The antifa activists, in their trademark black-colored uniforms, struck Andy Ngo in the face. Mr. Ngo, a journalist, ended up in the emergency room after the incident. Ngo reported the attack by live-streaming it on his Twitter handle to his over 140,000 followers.

Antifa: Who are the members?

It is practically impossible to put a number on how many people consider themselves a member of this group. However, antifa followers have acknowledged that the group is secretive, has no official leaders, and organized into local (autonomous) cells.

Antifa members attempt to resist, through campaigns, actions that they find authoritarian, racist, homophobic or xenophobic. Also, antifa has no affiliations with other left movements. However, antifa members seldom work with local activist networks that have similar causes, such as Black Lives Matter.

Antifa: What are they trying to achieve?

In conclusion, antifa supporters aim to prevent actions that they view as fascist or racist. In addition, they attempt to stop far-right groups from promoting their views. They argue that demonstration of such views in public results in targeting of marginalized people, i.e. women, racial minorities and L.G.B.T.Q community members.

Nevertheless, there is a group of antifa organizers who prefer more peaceful methods of community organizing. They do, however, believe that violence is justified since they believe that if racist and fascist groups are permitted to organize freely, “it will inevitably result in violence against marginalized communities,” said Mr. Bray.

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