Whatsapp hack, OnePlus 7 Pro Specs and other news


OnePlus 7 Pro one of the best Android smartphones.

Well, if you want the best display service on any Android device, that includes a case, Amazing camera features, and no pesky notch. Then OnePlus 7 Pro is the one for you. However, one might not choose the phone since it has not wireless charging, headphone jack or waterproofing but it is also a few hundred dollars cheaper. The phone costs $700 which is cheaper than the price of a premium phone that is approximately $1000.

Whatsapp hack, OnePlus 7 Pro Specs and other news

OnePlus 7 Pro a good choice for buying smartphones

Whatsapp hacked by a phone call

WhatsApp which is a popular messaging platform and is well known for its end-to-end encryption is now hacked. The victims get hacked by a simple phone call. For this, the victims don’t need to even pick the call.

Data from your Intel chip can be hacked

The company that makes the chips for most of the computers used by the people has now revealed a flaw in their security. This flaw can put many PCs at risk. This can allow many attackers to retrieve data from the user’s private data.

Amazon employees are getting money to quit

Amazon is one of the fastly growing multinational company. The demands of delivery are growing for Amazon. For this Amazon has started a program called the Delivery service partner program. In this Amazon allows entrepreneurs to start their own delivery business for Amazon. Amazon also says that it will be offering up to $10000 to its employees who will leave their current positions and join the program.

Whatsapp hack, OnePlus 7 Pro Specs and other news

Amazon will pay $10000 to its employees who leave their current jobs

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