WhatsApp Hack Virus: New Bug Allows Hackers to Read Your Messages and Download Media Files

WhatsApp Hack Virus New Bug Allows Hackers to Read Your Messages and Download Media Files

WhatsApp has been an integral part of everyone’s life and it has almost replaced SMS today. It is a means of communication between the majority of smartphone users including iPhone and Android, which is why Facebook led by Mark Zuckerberg decided to buy it for $19 billion. But even with the additional security from Facebook, there is a new WhatsApp hack spreading online.

It allows the hackers to read messages, see pictures and videos and also download them into their device. The WhatsApp hack is being done by sending a corrupt and malicious video file which contains a bug given the codename as CVE-2019-11931. Here are more details and news updates on the WhatsApp hack virus and how to keep your mobile safe from it.

WhatsApp Hack News Updates

WhatsApp Hack News Updates

WhatsApp developers have been reporting a new safety warning for their software as “stack-based buffer overflow” which is a hazardous code to send a specially made MP4 file to any WhatsApp user. The video contains the bug capable of hacking WhatsApp when downloaded on the phone and can give the master control to the hackers who made the MP4 file.

Even though Facebook has been denying the allegations and says that there is no proof of a WhatsApp hack bug, there are incidents that suggest the opposite. In the last month, a lot of activists and writers have been targeted on adware and their WhatsApp has been hacked by controversial Israeli programming agency NSO Group.

How to Stay Safe from WhatsApp Hack Virus?

How to Stay Safe from WhatsApp Hack Virus

It could mean a lot of trouble to any WhatsApp user if someone could spy on their messages and view the media files on their phone. While the developers are constantly working to rectify the error and make sure that there is no WhatsApp hack in the future, updates are provided for the same. It would be wise to update your WhatsApp application to the latest version, keep auto-download of any kind of media file off and not download pictures and videos from unknown senders.

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