WhatsApp is offering free data? A scam you should be aware about!

WhatsApp is offering free data: A scam you should be aware about!

Cyber-crime is one of the most common forms of abuse to human beings. From stealing personal information to posting malicious content, internet ever-since its birth is facing it all. However, these so called hackers, over the period of time broadened their scope of scam. Now apps have become an instrument for them too. WhatsApp is no exception to it! A recent scam, stating that WhatsApp is providing free data has stomped the internet!

WhatsApp again a victim of malicious messages

WhatsApp is offering free data: A scam you should be aware about!

Beware about this scam!
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No WhatsApp user is spared from the ruckus creating, promising but fake messages. From promising millions of dollars to threatening loss of your app, WhatsApp has seen it all.

Although, most people are well aware about the veracity of such statements, they don’t hesitate in forwarding it. Thus, either intentionally or unintentionally helping the growth of such scam.

A similar incident has taken place, however this time it’s of a larger scale. The ESET researchers in Latin American recently received a message on WhatsApp, stating the pseudo fact of the app promising free internet data.

Now, if I had received this message then the first thing that would have crossed my mind is that how come, they will provide me with data? I mean come-on whom are you kidding? Price money is acceptable, but free data? Seriously? FYL it’s a messaging app that uses my data to provide me with it’s services!

What is the real motive of the message?

WhatsApp is offering free data: A scam you should be aware about!

Whatsapp, Messenger
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The message promised 1000 GB of free data, for WhatsApp is celebrating its anniversary. Now the first and foremost thing to be observed about the message is its URL. The URL supporting the message is not an official WhatsApp domain, so fellow-mates that’ your first clue to understand that it’s fake for sure.

Even if you have your doubts then going to the official website and cross-checking the information is also a way. Now the message holds a link that shall guide to a page containing objective questions.

One of the questions is about how you came across the information and its options are WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or Friends (Who will obviously WhatsApp you about it).

Now this is part of the scam is termed as survey. They try to collect information that they can use to spread their forth-coming plans.

The next thing that pop-ups on your screen after the whole question-answer round is that you need to send it to 30 people, to become a valid member. This is called boosting the campaign. For many people fall for it!

Till now no evidence of the link being used to install malicious software on your system has been found. However, the status can easily change in future so beware!

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