When will Joker Release on Netflix? Will There be a Joker 2 Sequel

Joker 2 sequel Netflix

The story of Arthur Fleck before he became the biggest villain Gotham has ever seen was a heartbreaking one. Joker hit the movie screens earlier this month and continues to earn great reviews and love from the audiences. The movie gives us a detailed look into why the character became what he became and the method behind the madness. Fans of the movie who want to watch it again are wondering when will Joker release on Netflix!

Joker Netflix Release Date

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When Will Joker Release on Netflix?

In addition to telling the story of Arthur Fleck, Joker also touches upon some important topics such as mental health issues and how depression can tear people apart! Joker on Netflix is highly awaited, and there is a very good chance that it will indeed come on the streaming giant by 2020.

Joker 2 Joker Sequel

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Netflix and Marvel do not share a cordial relationship after Disney+ launched. Hence, Netflix will try its best to get Joker, arguably the biggest comic-based release of DC, on its platform. Netflix has a number of other DC movies including Justice League, Wonder Woman, and the Nolan Batman-Trio. Hence, Joker on Netflix makes a lot of sense!

Joker 2 Coming Soon? Will There be a Sequel?

Will Joker be on Netflix

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There’s a good chance that a few years down the line we might see Joaquin Pheonix donning the face paint once again as he prepares to shoot for Joker 2 – the sequel to the story of Arthur Fleck, where his degeneration into the clown prince of crime will have fully completed! Will we see Joker face Robert Pattinson’s Batman? We’ll find out soon enough.

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