Where would Houston Rockets trade Chris Paul?

Where would Houston Rockets trade Chris Paul?

Houston Rockets are having a horrible time and the news of Chris Paul looking to make a move might not worsen the situation. Yahoo sports reported Chris Paul’s intentions to leave Rockets on Tuesday. The news is unsurprising looking at the fact that Paul hasn’t talked with fellow teammate James Harden for 2 straight months!

The conflict is real and has been stirring since long. Houston Rockets general manager though denied speculations of a possible trade-off of the ageing superstar. But the reports and rumours still have some credibility to get into depths.

But a big problem that accompanies this trade is Chris Paul himself and the money owed to him. The undoubted legend would owe over $124m in the next 3 seasons if he leaves this year. Paul is 34 now and a few teams will put such money and go into uncertain future. Add Paul’s injuries to the problems and it could be one hell of a job.

But Morey is known to pull off the impossible and if he wants he might just pull out another rabbit. So without wasting further here are the possible avenues Houston Rockets could loom for Paul’s trade.

Boston Celtics

Trade: Gordon Hayward

Where would Houston Rockets trade Chris Paul?

Gordon Hayward can be the right replacement for Paul. Image: YahooSports

Hayward is unbeatable when on the song and if he can somehow bring it back, he would make a formidable duo with Harden. This is though risky business since he has looked a pale shadow of his old self after injury. Celtics could be interested in the deal after trading Anthony Davis and potentially in danger of losing Irving. They would be having a big point guard hole to fill and Paul would be the right guy for the job.

Phoenix Suns

Trade: T.J. Warren
Josh Jackson
Tyler Johnson
No. 6 overall pick in 2019 draft

Where would Chris Paul go from Rockets01

T.J Warren can be traded from Phoenix Suns for Paul. Image: Getty

The Suns would be a looking at a good point guard to play alongside Devin Booker after years of investing in ‘potential’. Houston Rockets would get a fair deal here too with Warren suddenly entering the form of his life last season. Jackson,22 could also be a good investment though he has lacked consistency lately. Lastly, they would be getting the No.6 pick in the draft out of which they bring in another star of Paul’s stature.

Orlando Magic

Trade: Mike Conley

Where would Chris Paul go from Rockets01

Conley will be the right one to pair with Paul. Image: Sporting news

There’s a catch in this trade though. Magic would love to add Chris Paul to pair with All-Star Nikola Vucevic after reaching the playoffs in a long time last season. They would have to trade Gordon for that though but it’s still a fair deal.

Memphis Grizzlies would be getting Gordon and a future first-round pick they could use to buy star power. They would have to trade Conley who has served years for Grizzlies. Conley will provide the right replacement for Paul lastly for Houston Rockets.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Trade: Andrew Wiggins
Dario Saric
Keta Bates Diop

Where would Chris Paul go from Rockets01

Wiggins is yet to fulfil his potential. Image: Getty

Wiggins owes a whopping $122m by 2023. He though has yet to fulfil his potential that was identified way back in 2019. But Houston Rockets might look at him as a good addition with his sturdy offence and improving defence. He might prove to be a good candidate to pair with Harden.

Miami Heat

Trade: Goran Dragic
James Johnson
Derrick Jones Jr

Where would Chris Paul go from Rockets01

Sending Dragic for Paul would be a gamble for Riley. Image:

Acquiring Chris Paul is certainly a gamble and it would require much thought by Pat Riley. If the deal does take place Rockets would have preferred having Josh Richardson but he’s unlikely to move from Miami. Miami also would want to trade off Hassan Whiteside but Rockets would not want him already having a similar Clint Capela.

Dragic could be a good option to trade for Houston Rockets for his playmaking abilities. He could play alongside Harden and could be a good replacement when Harden’s on the bench.

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