Where’s my Stimulus Check? Why haven’t I got my COVID-19 Relief Package yet?

Where's my Stimulus Check Why haven't I got my COVID-19 Relief Package yet

United States Government has decided to provide a stimulus check payment to all the citizens stuck at home without any jobs or source of income. It is estimated that more than 80 million people have already received a stimulus check payment of $1,200 last month and the same will be repeated for May 2020 too with a second stimulus check.

For every American that qualifies under the COVID-19 relief package, will automatically get the check. Here is how you can track your stimulus check payment and in case you have not received the check, you can follow the given steps to make sure you get the stimulus payment.

Track your Stimulus Check Payment

Track your Stimulus Check Paymen

The IRS has already processed the payments for millions of Americans and most of them have already got their stimulus check. There is also a Get My Payment tracker app which has been updated by IRS for the COVID-19 pandemic relief payment.

It might take the IRS around 20 weeks to send the stimulus check to every US citizen. But you can receive the payment faster by setting up the electronic funds transfer. All you need to do is track your stimulus check via the application by entering your details and it will show where your payment’s latest status.

How to Get your COVID-19 Relief Stimulus Check Payment?

How to Get your COVID-19 Relief Stimulus Check Payment

For those who have not received their stimulus check payment, you can follow the below steps to get your COVID-19 relief money.

  • Have a Social Security number and proof of US citizenship
  • The stimulus payment is only applicable for those who have gross income less than $75,000 and have filed the tax return for 2018-19.
  • IRS website have a new tool that will allow you to fill your tax return details by updating all the information.
  • Make sure you have provided the correct bank information to IRS so that the stimulus check can be sent at proper place.
  • Once you have completed all the process, you need to wait for some time to get a direct deposit or paper check.

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