Who Hacked Twitter Today? Was it a Cyber-Attack or Someone from Inside the Twitter?


Twitter had a very bad day as some of the biggest accounts got hacked and they all tweeted about donating bitcoins. It was nothing but a scam where the majority of US politicians, business tycoons, celebrities got their Twitter handles hacked and write false tweets on their behalf asking people to donate them Bitcoins for charity.

Everyone is wondering who hacked Twitter as it could be considered as one of the biggest cyber-attacks the world has ever seen. To make the matter worse, even the Twitter Support handle was hacked and hence there was no hope left. But the biggest question is who hacked Twitter today? Was it a random cyber-attack from a group of hackers or someone from inside decided to make some quick money.

Company Statement on the Twitter Hack Incident

Twitter apologized to all the users whose accounts got hacked and confirmed that they will look into the matter. In the meantime, all the verified Twitter handles were disabled and no one could Tweet from them. It took them around four hours to get everything back to normal before most of the accounts were working again.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey called it a rough day and feel terrible for whatever happened, promised to give more updates on the matter once things are clear.

Who hacked Twitter Today?

As per the Twitter Support handle, the coordinated social engineering attack was executed by people who successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools. It simply means that it wasn’t an external API attack and someone from inside Twitter office is responsible for all the hacked tweets.

While it is not clear whether some Twitter employee has been involved in the whole matter os his credentials and access got hacked, there is no way Twitter will take the blame on itself. There are so many high-profile names involved that the Twitter hack will be called out an external cyber attack.

Is your Twitter Account Hacked Too? Several Big Twitter Accounts Compromised in Major Hack

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