Whoopi Goldberg: A life amidst controversies and criticism


Whoopi Goldberg has lived much of her life between, what did I say and what did I do wrong?

Whoopi has had a life full of colours and careers-from being an Oscar-winning artist to a stout-hearted spokesperson for The View, Whoopi Goldberg evidenced a roller coaster life. As she says, it’s been a winding path, you can’t create a career but you get there, slowly with time and eventually you figure out everything. 

Whoopi’s controversial remarks have cost her more than you could think of. Her career, an image of a dynamic artist and even her good old friends. They seemed to be on hold for lapping times. Here are some of her candid excerpts from her recent interview to a leading newspaper. Turn on your heads and mind your eyes for a plucky yet outspoken artist’s life experiences.

Whoopi Goldberg still got some shades

Whoopi Goldberg- A life amidst controversies and criticism

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Ten years have been a long time to move on. And she really thinks after stepping into The View and launching herself as a self-made entrepreneur, she has some way distanced herself from acting.

However, she doesn’t remorse her choices at all. Rather, she looks up and finds it tasteful to chose this much fields in her life.

Whoopi on ‘The View’

The View has been a landmark to her life. After feeling dejected and left out by the Bush controversy in 2004, she was denied of roles and supports from her Hollywood family. And only then, The View came to her rescue. She thinks high of The View as both at a professional and personal level.

It’s not the kind of gossip or friends’ kind of discussion, you can carry out at ‘The View’, if I’d have to do that, I would have gone to my friends’ villas and gossiped continuously.

The View has allowed Goldberg to thrash her valiant views more professionally and with greater vigour. But for her, ” it is just a show, she does for a living”

She has never thought twice on speaking her mind on the show. Since the show is live, you don’t get to get more than an ounce of a minute to think about what you are going to say next.

Maybe, not valuing her words before speaking, has what paved her life towards criticisms.

I get a fulfillment from The View, and more from the fact that I’m doing anything. I have penned books on tablescapes, sold clothing and a brand of my own name. That’s all I need for my fulfillment.

Goldberg as a writer

Whoopi Goldberg- A life amidst controversies and criticism

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Goldberg’s books are not the usual fictional plots, that you have read growing. Rather covers the most left out issues in her books. More like, tablescapes, how to decorate your bathrooms and oddly, flatulence.

Frankly, I haven’t had many books in my life to discuss how a fart should be like, but Whoopi excels it too.

I have known people who really never farted in front of their boy/girl-friends. They would rather chose to be ill, than fart in front of them. That’s cynical and insane. Really can’t let a little out of your own body? And what do you think, she doesn’t know it. She knows it, dude.
So I just say: “Listen, if you’re comfortable, let it happen. And if you’re not, I respect that too, but I that’s not good for your body.

The interview was truly aspiring, with Goldberg daunting some very gutsy statements. Read her full interview at The New York Times. People rant to you because they love you, Whoopi.

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