Whoopi Goldberg Praises Lizzo’s Sister Act 2 Tribute at MTV Awards

Whoopi Goldberg Praises Lizzo's Sister Act 2 Tribute at MTV Awards

Lizzo’s Joyful tribute towards Sister Act 2 movie garnered significant attention across the nation. From celebrities to the movie fans, people were tirelessly praising her for her action.

And the new name to her follower’s list is none other than The View’s co-host Whoopi Goldberg.

Sister Act 2: Whoopi praises LizzoWhoopi Goldberg Praises Lizzo's Sister Act 2 Tribute at MTV Awards

Picture- BustleWhoopi openly applauded the singer’s performance and the way she paid homage to the 1993  Sister Act 2 movie at the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Monday night.

Lizzo, during her award show performance showcased the final scenes of movie, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. The scene incorporated her new- ally, Goldberg playing the role of Sister Mary Clarence. During the last scenes, Goldberg was seen instructing her choir students to walk with their robes to feel comfortable before their performance.

Lizzo also performed her famous single “Juice” at the award night. She also handled the finale performances of Saint Francis Academy and Lauryn Hill’s “Joyful, Joyful.”

Lizzo started her performance in the same way the scene was filmed decades ago.  They both wore choir robes and just like the movie, Lizzo and her fellow dancers  removed their robes and joined each other on stage. Lizzo didn’t experiment much with grooving moves and recreated the choreography in it’s almost-original form. 

Goldberg’s took the admiration on a next level. She continued applauding Lizzo on The View’s Wednesday morning episode too.

Although, the show’s been known for their criticism and satirical remarks. It was unusal to see that a star was getting complements for her performance at a national award show.

The Lizzo-love of Whoopi Golberg

Whoopi Goldberg Praises Lizzo's Sister Act 2 Tribute at MTV Awards

Picture- Pedestrian

Maybe, the created buzz had something to do with Goldberg’s major role in the 1993 movie. Goldberg was a significant part of the 1993 sequel. She played the role of Sister Mary Clarence, an undercover showgirl.
She heftily infiltrated the Catholic school in the movie and brought major turns in the storline.  Lauryn Hill and Sheryl Lee Ralph also starred along side Goldberg in the movie.
Goldberg glorified Lizzo by saying that she wanted to tip a dread to the amazing Lizzo. She then added:

To anyone who is still not sure if ‘Sister Act’ works – just saying. The movie was a major part of growing up folks.

We all know Goldberg. And we better  know, her Lizzo obsession is going to be tarnished soon from her head.

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