Why BTS K-ARMY is upsetting over band’s recent fan plans

Why BTS K-ARMY is upsetting over band's new fan plans

It seems that BTS is doing it’s utmost to build up in a big fandom family. In a bid to secure a good couple of global fans, BTS has been trying to recruit some more groupies into their Global Official Fan Club (ARMY) Membership.  Apparently, what triggered off as just a fine try, came out to trip the fandom’s annoyance with their favorite band.

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BTS calls more fans to join ARMY

Why BTS K-ARMY is upsetting over band's new fan plans

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On July 15, the boy group announced to sign up more fans under their Global Fan Club by an impressive text through their SNS and fan cafes accounts. They urged people to take up the official BTS membership through the band’s official website. Post their membership declarations, they should muster up to sign Weverse, the official fan community.

Not to mention that, the interested believers will have to only use their registered name while purchasing the membership. The signing fans will be entitled to tons of fandom perks. The pack is inclusive of membership kits, membership cards, tickets for attending broadcasts and discounted lottery tickets for BTS Korean concerts.

The news, however came as a bombshell to many of BTS Korean fans. The fans were blowed up on not having a official Korean ARMY fanclub. Notwithstanding the fact that BTS has an official fan club in Japan provided that the group purely operates from South Korea only.

What has certainly pissed off the K-ARMY ?

Fans are so burnt out because they now have to compete with the international ARMY in every second jam session.  They won’t be having much choices in the band’s matters now. Even for purchasing concert tickets, they are now bound to the global club of fans.

K-ARMY probably accuses the pop boys for favouring Japanese fans over Korean ARMY.  Moreover, the Japanese fans are also eligible to join the global fan club, that puts them to a whale of perks than K-ARMY itself.

That’s really biasing of BTS to favour global fans or outsiders over their own people. It’s very evident to say the Hallyu is ballooning upwards due to pop bands only.  But, if it means to debunk your own country, I really cannot extend my support to BTS, then.

You can’t treat your own people as a minority, BTS.

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