Why is Connor McGregor one of world’s highest paid athletes ?

Why is Connor McGregor one of world's highest paid athletes ?

Connor Mcgregor has fought a total of 1 time in the complete last year. Yet Forbes named him one of the highest paid celebrities in 2019. He was placed on 65th rank in Forbes rich list. The Irish UFC fighter earned a whopping $47m in 2019 despite fighting just once in the whole year.

Fans around the world can’t even guess what makes the star fighter earn so much. But we have the whole logic behind how does the fighter really hold such wealth. But before that, it’s important to under McGregor’s worth as a fighting icon. Since his fight with Khabib, he became an overnight sensation although Nate Diaz believes otherwise.

McGregor’s loss to Khabib was a financial win

Connor McGregor is known for his tongue in cheek attitude and epic comments. He’s very popular among fans and that makes him a Pay-per-view favourite. His 2018 fight with Khabib which he convincingly lost earned him unbelievable figures.

The event generated a remarkable 2.5m PPV sales and was the third most selling event in combat sports history.

Per NSAC, Conor McGregor’s disclosed pay for UFC 229 is a flat $3 million. Khabib Nurmagomedov is a flat $2 million. from MMA

Even in the defeat, he earned $3m salary for the match according to Forbes. And if his PPV share is included, his total profit jumps up to $30m. That’s not a bad for a match he lost comprehensively.

Connor McGregor: His businesses

Connor Mcgregor is such a popular figure that he invites huge amounts from his own brands. His Proper No.Twelve Whiskey brand is promoted by McGregor himself and the sales are unbelievable.

The brand has sold over 200k cases in its first six months according to Business Insider. The brand aims to increase the sale to overtake Jameson soon.

Why is Connor McGregor one of world's highest paid athletes ?

Popular No Twelve is looking to overtake Jameson in such a short time. Image : Metro

His clothing brand August McGregor is also a profitable business. He also operates MacGregor MacLife website and has a workout programme of his own named McGregor FAST. McGregor also sponsors famous brands like Beats, Monster Energy, and Burger King.

All in all McGregor earns around $15m through his endorsements according to Forbes. McGregor earlier retired from professional fighting in 2017 but backtracked on it. He fought Khabib last but that may turn out to be his last fight.

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