Will Money Heist Season 4 be the last installment of the Netflix original?

Will Money Heist 4 be the last installment of the Netlix original?

Money Heist Season 4 is already trending all over the internet days after the season 3 premiered on July 19. Every fan is in shock with enthralling climax of the third season’s bank robbery and many question marks need an answer in season 4.

Money Heist season 3 was a breakaway in the La Casa de Papel series. According to recent reports, the 3rd installment garnered 34m+ views in the first week itself.

Feelings will continue to drive Money Heist Season 4

The Money Heist broadcasted its first two season on Antenna 3 in Spain. It’s come a long way from there as Netflix gave its “Originals” banner to Spanish hit. Long before the last season ended, Netflix also announced Money Heist Season 4 will come out.

Money Heist: Part 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix from LaCasaDePapel

Netflix saw potential in the show and introduced it to the global audience. And there’s very little now who aren’t excited about what would happen to Nairobi or will thieves find an escape route in the next season.

Will Money Heist 4 be the last installment of the Netlix original?

La Casa de Papel first released in 2017. Image : Filmaffinity

The makers actors though have chosen to keep their cards close to their chest. Talking after the third season, Itziar Ituño, who plays Raquel Murillo, aka Lisbon said he know very little as to what’s gonna happen in Season 4.

“I do not know if they are going to steal the gold or not. The actors do not know yet.”

Although the third season all but confirmed how feelings will continue to drive The Money Heist series.

The director of the show, Alex Pino also only confirmed about the feelings part in Money Heist Season 4.

“The only possible engine was the emotional one. It seemed the only way in which the public would not be disappointed.”

Upcoming season date and will it end the heist ?

With the end of the third season, multiple sources including Pino have confirmed the filming of Money Heist Season 4. The expected date right now is not known but the show will continue probably in 2020.

The first two seasons released in the same year, but Money Heist Season 4 is going to be big. The storyline involves a lot of drama and thinking and its release this year would be too much to expect.

Now like the third season left with so many questions, all of this seems to come to a logical end. Season 4 by all possibilities, looks like the last season of the now global superhit.

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