Will Russell Westbrook end up in Miami Heat ?

Will Russell Westbrook end up in Miami Heat ?

The rumors of the move of Russell Westbrook to Miami Heat might just turn true if an inside source is to be believed. The high profile rumor picked up pace as soon as Paul George announced his move from Oklahoma Thunder.

The player trades and free agency rumors mostly turn into gossip but Sun Sintenel’s Ira Winderman thinks rumor might just turn true.

Heat’s possibility of having two All Stars

Ira Winderman’s recent interview to host Kevin Rogers is music to Heat fans’ years. Kevin Rogers hosts a radio show named WQAM Evenings Reporter’s Show and Winderman was his guest recently. Winderman spoke about how Heat rumors turn true more often than not.

That was the case with Jimmy Butler’s trade and Russell Westbrook might join him along.

Will Russell Westbrook end up in Miami Heat ?

Miami Heat recently acquired Jimmy Butler. Image : NBCSports

“I think he’s coming,” Winderman said. “Every time there’s been a Heat rumor of any subsequence or consequence that’s lingered this long, the Heat have wound up getting the player. It’s not about free agency where they’re one of six people in the room with Kevin Durant.

But it seems like, ‘Ah the Heat’s gonna get Jimmy Butler,’ then they got Jimmy Butler. The Heat’s gonna make a trade or get this player, the Heat get that player.”

Russell Westbrook might transform Heat’s waning fate

Miami fans will cling on to every little hope they can have of their team having 2 All Stars in their lineup. Dwayne Wade’s retirement after 2018-19 season was expected to push Miami Heat further down. They already were under par in the last few seasons and Wade’s exit was expected to push them into rebuilding.

But Jimmy Butler’s entry injected a sense of belief in their camp. Butler’s entry might also gain Westbrook’s interest towards the Miami based unit.

And the two together might transform Heat’s fate from down and out to up and running. Russell Westbrook has been prolific at Thunder but his franchise reached finals just once in 11 years. He played with James Harden and Kevin Durant at Thunder and was named the MVP in 2016-17 season.

The entry of Russell Westbrook into Miami might propel the fate of both him and Miami Heat. Both of them have hardly tasted title success of late.

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