Wimbledon 2019: Nadal fights out to take the perfect revenge


The scars of 4th round exit from Wimbledon 2014 can finally complete healing for Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon 2019. The then World No.1 was defeated by a 144th seeded Nick Krygios in one of the major upsets in Wimbledon history in Wimbledon 2019. Nadal has finally managed to pull one back against the intimidating Krygios.

19 year old Australian Nick Kyrgios has defeated World #1 Rafael Nadal in the fourth round of Wimbledon 2014 from sports

The match lasted over 3 hours and Nadal finished victorious  6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (5), 7-6 (3) in the fourh round. The match was as much a humdinger as any would see. And that between the undoubted legend and an unseeded part timer.

Wimbledon 2019: The duel of the opposites

Rafael Nadal has won as many as 18 Grand Slam singles titles. At 33, he has two Wimbledons and his name etched comfortably in the best who ever stepped into the court. This match in Wimbledon 2019 would not have defined his career. He has a solid play based on perfecting every bookish move.

Krygios, 24 is on the opposite end of a spectrum. He doesn’t show up on practice every day and is yet advance past the quarters of any major event. He doesn’t seem to care where he is at.

This match of Wimbledon 2019 won’t change anything for him either. He has an intimidating style of play with powerful aces complementing underarm ones. He likes to rock the opposition and lives life on the edge.

“He doesn’t take one point off,” Kyrgios said of Nadal. “I feel like we’re the polar opposites.”

A day of hundingers and upsets

Nadal managed to keep out the Kyrgios threat. But only just. For most parts of the tie up, the match as even as any. That Nadal managed to win in the end was just the testification of his superiors focus and skills.

Wimbledon 2019 : Nadal fights out to take the perfect revenge

Krygios has a remarkable 3-3 record against Nadal. Image : SkySports

Angelique Kerber though couldn’t keep out an upset. Serena Williams just managed to advance to next round against an 18 year old in Wimbledon 2019.

Nadal will now face JoWilfred Tsonga of Japan in the next round of Wimbledon 2019. He apprehended Krygiois’ skills but had a word of advice for his opponent.

“He has a lot of good ingredients,” Nadal said. “But of course there remains an important one sometimes, and that is love, the passion for this game. Without really loving this game that much, it’s difficult to achieve important things.”

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