Winds of Winter Release Date: Why has George RR Martin delayed the Book?

winds of winter

George RR Martin’s latest book to join the others in the series “A Song of Ice and Fire” is The Winds of Winter. Although the Game of Thrones author has not revealed much about the planned release date, some have suggested clues which may help us predict a date of release.

winds of winter

BryndenBFish, a Twitter expert who has also made comments in the past about the upcoming book, reveals some reasons as to why the book may see a slightly delayed release.

Winds of Winter: BryndenBFish’s Tweets

“One of the strangest things about TWOW [The Winds of Winter] is that GRRM wasn’t planning on having the Battle of Ice occur on-page.

“Like he seems to have decided very, very late in writing ADWD [A Dance with Wolves] that he should write it — like we’re talking a few months before he finished ADWD.

“GRRM finished The Wayward Bride for AFFC [A Feast for Crows] circa 2003/2004 before cutting it to ADWD in 2005.

“He didn’t pick up writing more Asha chapters until December 2010.

“Seems like GRRM originally planned for the entirety of Stannis’ story to be off-page until he changed course.”

Winds of Winter: Reasons for delay

Evidently, the delayed release of Winds of Winters can be attributed to last minute changes, especially with how the final series of Game of Thrones was received by fans.

Conclusion of Game of Thrones left the fans infuriated, though it was inspired from series’ final two books.

The expert also claimed that the book is unlikely to come out this year because of editing and other publishing requirements once Martin finishes writing.

And if Martin is actually making last minute changes, he may delay the release even further.

However, fans will hope for him to conclude the book before the end of the year so they can enjoy the book during Christmas holidays.

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