Winds of Winter Release Date: Will George RR Martin finish the GOT Book before July 2020?

Winds of Winter Release Date, Theories Will George RR Martin finish the Book before July 2020

Winds of Winter release date should be set as July 2020 as George RR Martin promised to deliver the book by then. However, the mentioned venue is no longer possible as the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things and the Worldcon 2020 event in New Zealand will now be a virtual live streaming thing.

While it doesn’t mean that GRRM can’t present the book in July this year, things are quite not the same after the Coronavirus outbreak. Almost, every movie and TV series has been delayed, and it won’t be a surprise if “The Winds of Winter” release date is also pushed back.

The Winds of Winter Release Date Speculations

The Winds of Winter Release Date Speculations

George RR Martin is still writing new chapters of “The Winds of Winter” in the coronavirus lockdown and that is the only confirmed thing about the novel. Many of the fans are hoping TWOW will come out earlier as George will get more time to finish the book in isolation.

It doesn’t mean that the 71-year-old author can churn out pages magically as given his age and complexity of the story, it is not easy to work on such a massive project. Martin last revealed that he still 300 pages of story left between The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. It might not be possible for George RR Martin to finish Winds of Winter this year and the book might even take 2021 to arrive in the stores. 

The Winds of Winter Theories and Game of Thrones Comparison

The Winds of Winter Theories and Game of Thrones Comparison 

Winds of Winter will fix the Game of Thrones mistake reports have filled up the internet and it honestly doesn’t make any sense. George RR Martin has made it clear that the books in the ASOIAF series are pre-planned and he will never change a single thing based on the HBO show.

Martin has teased that there will be several new characters in TWOW book which has not been mentioned in the Game of Thrones series. There are several fan theories such as Euron Greyjoy summoning a Kraken, Jon Snow warging into ghost and Stannis Baratheon defeating Ramsey Bolton, which are hugely popular and could be proven true in The Winds of Winter book.

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