Winter Storm Wesley Prompts Blizzard Warnings in the Plains and Upper Midwest, Warning Broadcasted

Winter Storm Wesley Prompts Blizzard Warnings in the Plains, Upper Midwest

As per the reports, National Weather Service has broadcasted Blizzard warning in the Plains from Wednesday to Thursday. Numerous winter advisories, warnings and storm watches have been circulated from parts of the upper Mississippi Valley and northern Great Lakes to the northern and central Rockies.

According to the data collected by NOAA Weather Prediction Center meteorologist David Roth, it has been stated that the wind storm may not be that intense. There is a possibility of “bomb cyclone” to hit the Plains this week.

A potentially historic winter storm

On Tuesday, the Winter Storm was expected to hit the high country of the Rockies, Sierra Nevada, and the Cascades. On Thursday, we can expect the heavy snow and wind to reach the Midwest. Thunderstorms and rain are possible in places like Tennessee Valley. Even Minneapolis is expected to witness a foot of snow.

Winter Storm Wesley Prompts Blizzard Warnings in the Plains, Upper Midwest

Extreme Conditions after the Snow Storm.

By Friday, the storm will last in northern Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley. But as it reaches the East, northern New England will witness rain and thunderstorms. Road travel will be dangerous and air travel is likely to become slow this week. The locals are expected to stay put until the snowstorm stops.

Weather Map showing the way of winds of the Winter Storm.

We are still uncertain, but South Dakota, southern Minnesota, northern Nebraska, and northern Wisconsin will at least have a foot of snow covered. Some locations in this zone are expected to cover 20 inches of snow or more. Multiple trees may get destroyed. Homes may suffer from power outages due to wind and accumulation of heavy and wet snow.

Flood threats

This heavy storm may start out as rain in various areas like South Dakota and Nebraska cause floods in the region. Moderate to major floods are expected in Western Minnesota and Missouri Valley.

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