Wonder Woman 1984 Spoilers: How is Chris Pine’s Character Steve Trevor Alive in the Movie Sequel?

Wonder Woman 1984 Spoilers How is Steve Trevor Alive in the Movie Sequel Explained

Wonder Woman 1984 trailer just dropped and the movie looks fantastic with amazing action sequences. Without revealing any plot details like the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, it has made fans genuinely excited for the upcoming DC superhero movie.

However, fans who have the first Wonder Woman movie are confused that how is Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) who died in the first movie is alive in the sequel. Even Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is confused that how her love Steve is back from the dead! Here are the possible explanations of how Steve Trevor is alive in Wonder Woman 1984 by the spoiler-filled leaks.

Wonder Woman 1984: How is Steve Trevor Alive?

Wonder Woman 1984 How is Steve Trevor Alive

Wonder Woman 1984 plot leaks online claim to have the entire story of the movie sequel and give a possible explanation of how Steve Trevor comes back from the dead. There is an artifact called ‘Wishing Stone’ in the Wonder Woman 2 movie which contains special magical powers and wishes come true for whoever touches the stone.

Diana touches the stones and wishes that Steve was there with her and it actually happens. While the rest of the world sees him as a different person, the audiences and Wonder Woman see only Chris Pine and it contains the actual soul and personality of Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman 1984: Cast, Release Date and Plot Leaks

Wonder Woman 1984 Cast, Release Date and Plot Leaks

Wonder Woman 1984 release date is set as June 5, 2020, for the United States and might be one or days earlier or later in other countries. Here is the confirmed cast list of Wonder Woman 1984 out of which some characters might only appear in flashbacks.

  • Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  • Chris Pine as Steve Trevor
  • Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva / Cheetah
  • Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord
  • Robin Wright as Antiope
  • Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta

Wonder Woman 1984 plot synopsis only says that “Wonder Woman squares off against the Cheetah, a villainess who possesses superhuman strength and agility.” Maxwell Lord played by Pedro Pascal will also be one of the villains and it will also involve Diana’s relation with Steve who comes back from the dead.

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