Woodstock Festival Cancelled? All you need to know

Woodstock Festival 2019

As per the websites, there are some rumours that the 50th Woodstock music festival has been cancelled in New York. The festival was scheduled to be held at Watkins Glen International racetrack in Schuyler County from August 16 to August 18 in 2019.

What is the Woodstock Festival?

This festival is known as Woodstock festival because the investment group which sponsored the concert was known as Woodstock Ventures. It is a music and art festival which lasts for two to three days. It has been celebrated since 1969 to showcase the culture of the Hippie Era. This festival is expected to complete 50 years in 2019.

Woodstock Festival 2019 Schedule

However, the main investors announced that the 50th Woodstock Festival was cancelled. But the organizers revealed that they are going ahead with the plan. They are moving on without a proper schedule. This year, people are going to witness the 50th anniversary in a different way. On Monday, a legal statement was released after the cancellation of the concert. The organizers looked encouraged while giving the green signal.

Additionally, they are going to bring new financial partners in the Woodstock 50. They also stated that the festival is going to be a blast.

Woodstock Festival cancelled? All you need to know

The further statement of the organizers

The organizers added that the Woodstock concert deserves an iconic place in American culture and history. Their present financial partner has backed off, but that doesn’t mean the festival won’t continue. Now, they are looking for new partners. Moreover, they also thanked Schuyler County and the State of New York for their support and efforts.

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