World Champion Simone Biles creates history along with her 6th U.S. title

Simone Biles wins 6th U.S. title, sends records tumbling

Simone Biles stamped more authority on her G.O.A.T status with a double history making performance this weekend. She became the first ever woman to land a tripe-double in competition during her performance in US Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Missouri.

Simone Biles becomes the greatest ever

She’s already a 14 time world champion. Simone Biles is also a 5 time Olympic medalist. And on Sunday she became the first woman to win a US all around championship 6 times. She’s already on a 6 year winning streak. Well, there’s little left to argue against her status of the Greatest ever gymnast.

Simone Biles wins 6th U.S. title, sends records tumbling

Biles looks so picturesque in slow mo. Image : NBC Sports

And now she has created the record for a first ever triple double. The 22 year old Simone Biles also became the first athlete to land a double double dismount from a high beam earlier this week. Simone Biles now makes history twice a week !

Biles wins 6th US title 5 points clear of the second

Biles won her 6th US all around title finishing the day at 118.500 points, 5 clear of the second placed Sunisa Lee. She was as formidable as ever on Sunday. Simone Biles performed a host of stunning flips and jumps but her barely believable tripe-double highlighted the day.

Her backflips and three twists sent the judges and fans into a euphoric bliss. Her triple double included two twists and two somersaults on the high beam. There’s little left to conquer now for Simone Biles.

She will play the Tokyo Olympics 2020 next up which she said would be her last. Fans would love Biles to continue because she does what hardly anyone comes close to. After all these records broken and history made by her, it’s difficult to predict who would be able to break it. But one thing is for sure, Biles feats would be so so difficult to emulate and we can’t see her replacement anywhere in near future.

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