World Rally Championship 8 will give you a hyper realistic racing experience

World Rally Championship 8 is a coming age realistic gaming out on September 2019

World Rally Championship 8 is taking a serious change in the gaming space. The old versions are outdated and now involving in realistic mechanism and gameplay. However, the game is scheduled to arrive later this year. In a total of various improvements are done with redesigned modes and authenticity.

While the game’s developer KT Racing put themselves for improving both technical and physical for a greater experience like never before.

World Rally Championship 8 is under extreme game development progress

As the game development is in progress, the intricate details from the game can be overwhelmed. It includes excellent graphics, technically improved routes and career modes. The game provided its pre gameplay at the E3 2019.

As the steering punctuations are improved along with handling preciseness. As for now, the latest instalment will involve in weather improvement from the developer end. So, poor management from the players will lead to failure in completing missions.

World Rally Championship 8 is a coming age realistic gaming out on September 2019

Variation in climate are included in the new instalment
Credits: Instant Gaming

The weather system will include the introduction of rain and even snow during the play. As players need to customize their cars accordingly to plan and win accordingly. Another major improvement is the real-time calendar race. In this, the players can run along 14 rounds with over 100 exciting stages.

Game management, careers all are included

A new feature from the game developers involves the solo career mode. In this, the players can run alongside WRC drivers from their own life schedule. And of course, the players win run by themselves but what else comes alongside is just unnatural.


Other features included in the World Rally Championship 8 is being able to manage and recruit. In order to make a group of best racers, players need to make the community as well as recruit. In these, activities can be scheduled, manage events and even do research to modify cars. Other features involved are to deal with finances for proper management and make sub-teams for community rallies.

AS soon as the release dates are out there will be other information subdued for the game. As for now, multiplayer – weekly challenges, and also eSports generated events are also included.

World Rally Championship 8 is a coming age realistic gaming out on September 2019

Credits: IGN

World Rally Championship 8 is scheduled for September this year, under PS4, Xbox and other gaming platforms.


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