World War Z game: New DLC to feature Special Zombie and Special Missions

World War Z new DLC to feature special zombie and special missions

The highly anticipated World War Z game has been recently released by the Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive officially.

And now the company will be releasing its new DLC pack having amazing features like a special zombie and special missions. According to World War Z Twitter account, the new World War Z DLC pack will have a mission based in Tokyo. In addition to this, there will be a new zombie feature that the players will find interesting to play.

The most amazing thing is that this DLC is free for the players. And, with such new features getting this update for free is a gift.

World War Z game, a new DLC to feature special zombie and special missions

World War Z is a survivor series game where the players experience a zombie-packed journey. The journey goes around the whole world including places like Moscow, Jerusalem and many more.

Once the game begins hundreds of blood-thirsty zombies attack the players providing an extreme action experience. The player with its team has to use deadly weapons traps and other tools to fight the zombies and level up. Once they level up new difficulties gets unlocked and players get new upgrades too.

World War Z game is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The date for the release of this DLC pack is yet not fixed but it is expected to arrive around May this year.

One thing is sure that the new upgrade will bring a whole new gaming experience for the players.

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