World’s Ugliest Dog Wins $1,500

The World’s Ugliest Dog Wins $1,500

Believe it or not, there is a competition for the World’s Ugliest Dog and we have the winners right here.

Clearly, this competition was not about the beauty of the four-legged creatures. In fact, It was to find out the worst looking dog across the world. Thereby they competed against each other on the basis of their complete absence of beauty.

Scamp The Tramp won the title

The title for the World’s Ugliest Dog was bagged by Scamp the Tramp among nineteen other dogs who fought for the crown.  This winner used to be a stray dog and has won only due to its messy fur all over its body. You will be surprised to know, it has been subjected to a number of best conditioners and none of them seemed to work.

Guess what, the dog has an official biography and is under the care of Yvonne Morones who confirmed, scamp was rescued from an animal shelter in Los Angeles. Today, scamp is an adored pet therapist and has been the same for the past seven years at the Sebastopol S. Centre.

Along with the unique title, Scamp is also entitled to a big trophy and prize money which was worth $1,500. There have been reports that scamp will soon make a television debut on the show “Today”  by NBC on the next Monday morning.

The competition was held on Friday at none other than the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds and  Event Centre which is located in Petaluma, California and there were two other dogs who were very close to this exclusive crown.

World’s Ugliest Dog: The First and The Second Runner Up

The World’s Ugliest Dog Wins $1,500

The second place in this unique competition was bagged by the 3-year-old, Wild Thang

The second place in this unique competition was bagged by the 3-year-old, Wild Thang which makes it the world’s ugliest Pekingese from Los Angeles. The movements of its jaw and tongue were abnormal and it is found it was because of a disease called Distemper.

The World’s Ugliest Dog Wins $1,500

The title of the third ugliest dog was bagged by Tostito.

The third ugliest dog was Tostito. Tostitos is also a rescue dog with a rough start. The second runner up title allowed the dog to show off its missing teeth and lower jaw in all its glory.

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