WWE Wrestler Roman Reigns escapes death for the second time

WWE Wrestler Roman Reigns escapes death for the second time

WWE Wrestler Roman Reigns narrowly escaped a gruesome accident of Monday Night Raw after a car crashed onto the rear of his Chevrolet. Roman Reigns is suspecting foul play and vowed to uncover the mystery after he escaped another close shave last week.

WWE Wrestler Roman Reigns escapes just in time

The incident took place when Roman Reigns was involved in an argument with Samoa Joe outside the WWE RAW studio. Leati Joseph Anoaʻi better known as Roman Reigns pulled out of the car and leapt out of the way just in time as a grey car put of nowhere smashed into the back of his Chevrolet.

The driver’s images are obscured in the footage but Reigns has vowed to find the culprit.

WWE Wrestler Roman Reigns escapes death for the second time

Reigns was arguing with Samoa Joe when the car rammed from the back. Image : Big Gold Belt

WWE also released a statement over the potentially destructive accident.

“He narrowly escaped what could have been a permanent injury but was checked out by WWE medical staff and released to appear tomorrow night in Detroit for SmackDown LIVE.”

Roman Reigns was furious over the incident and retweeted WWE’s tweet replying, “Definitely not an accident.”

Reigns earlier tweeted about his take on the foul play involved. He is in no mood to leave the incident as it is at any cost.

“Sometimes you want to believe people can’t do what others say they’re able to…I hear y’all, I really do…I’m gonna find out the truth about this “accident.”

Reigns earlier escaped another close shave on Smackdown Live

This is the second consecutive accident in two weeks involving Roman Reigns. Staging was knocked out by a forklift last week on Smackdown Live. WWE though didn’t pay much heed to that one.

The Roman Reigns incident was caused by a forklift error and the only person I know in WWE who had previously driven a forklift is DANIEL BRYAN!!!!! from SquaredCircle

Fans think they saw rival Eric Rowan in a dark hoodie at the point of that incident. Samoa Joe meanwhile came out in support of Roman Reigns.

“I hope somebody finds whoever is doing what they are doing before I find them,” Joe told WWE.

Roman Reigns was back at Smackdown Live last week after he completed his shooting of Hobbs and Shaw. Smackdown Live on the other hand is looking for a revamp with idea of Smackdown fist coming back doing rounds.

Reigns is slated to fight Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam and Rowan incident brings a nice twist to the tale indeed. Bryan is also suspected to be behind the forklift incident. WWE is yet to confirm anything but it’s an exciting week ahead with alot to unveil probably.

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