X1 members from Produce X 101 reveal Band’s Official Colors

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Produce X 101 has produced some buzzworthy, talented trainee groups in four consecutive running seasons. Meanwhile, this year’s X 101’s legacy will be further carried by group, X1. After a series of hectic events and finale formulations, X1 has finally come out with band’s official colors.

X1 introduces four different official colors

It seems that X1 members are really good with colors and combinations. And maybe that’s the reason behind choosing, not two or three but four contrasting colors as group’s official signatures.

The newly-out boy band took on their respective social media handles to bring the official colors into open. On July 23, X1 members picked Sunshine, Butterfly, Ethereal Blue and Galaxy Blue as X1’s official colors.

X1 members reveal band's official colors

picture: SOOMPI

I hope the too much blue shall bring a ton of pinks’ in their singing sphere. Meanwhile, each color represents an authoritative account of X1’s aspirations. For instance, Butterfly pregnants the band’s eternal dreams while Ethereal Blue signifies their potential.

Likewise, Sunshine portrays X1’s will to bring more smiles into the world and last but not the least, Galaxy Blue is eloquent of boy’s influential nature.

Why do band need official colors?

Would it be too clumsy to say that K-pop bands will shortly use space objects and math formulas for official things? Since we will soon be running out of official colours at this light like speed and on-going frequency.

X1 members reveal band's official colors

picture: X1 UPDATES

I thought if only two supreme colors were enough to radiate a band’s frequency. However, let it be. I am still gonna cheer for X1.

For those of you, who haven’t got the slightest of clue about Official Colors; here’s a thing. K-pop bands have been using official colors to represent their band and future activities since ages.

It’s much alike an official logo or a band’s fandom name. But a visual group logo catches more eyes than a few combinations of vibrant colors. This may be an utmost reason behind falling usage of official colors nowadays.

Nonetheless, X1 is set up debut in coming August with their show-con at Sky Dome of Gocheok.

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