Xbox Live Server hits for a major breakdown- Microsoft claims breach

Xbox Live Server hits for a major breakdown - 0x87dd0006 error reported

The latest news from Microsoft claims that the server of Xbox Live is down. While the company reported the problem for Xbox Live server is breached for now. The problem ceased many online players to breakdown games at times. Moreover, the technical issue caused players not to sign in to the user profiles thus taking them to the service page. However, Microsoft made claims about the issue and requests users to have patience.

Xbox Live server cause problem to access the login page

There is a list of problems that are making this technical issue at the moment. It includes a major breakdown of signing into user accounts and managing or creating the account.

In addition, Xbox Live server breakdown also resulted to cause hindrance Xbox 360 as well as Windows 10. In the beginning, many reports claimed to cause difficulty to access the online features.

Xbox Live Server hits for a major breakdown - 0x87dd0006 error reported

Users report of issues regarding Xbox live
Credits: Product Review Net

The initial issue was reported in the UK in the late morning around 5 am. However, later dozens of users reported about the same difficulty to access the login page.

But now Microsoft didn’t issue any updates regarding any corrected issue of the problem. Howsoever, the server page is also not updated and it is difficult to clear out the problem, reports claim.

The issue can continue till tomorrow:

The error outstanding at times is really difficult to makeover. If so the server page is not made active, then it’s sure an update can be drawn from Microsoft.

Along with logging problem, many users come up with a 0x87dd0006 error. That’s really unknown to users and it’s really making worse for the users.

Xbox Live Server hits for a major breakdown - 0x87dd0006 error reported

Reports generated claim breakdown of core login issues
Credits: IGN

However, the time for the outage is unclear, it may be up till tomorrow also. And it is also unknown for how far the issue is covered. But it is sure for now, the number of reports submitted it is a global outage.

Thus, more updates are expected from the technical as well as Microsoft for the outage. If so the problems continue tonight or for a lengthy period.

Along with Xbox Live server breakdown, another game PUBG also suffers some slight error messages. Some reports claim that it’s due to the Xbox Live server’s breakdown.

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