Xbox Scarlett Release Date, Cloud Gaming, Variant Models, Price, Specs and More

Xbox Scarlett Release Date

Xbox Scarlett or Xbox 2 is the upcoming next-gen gaming console from Microsoft which was revealed at the end of the E3 Expo this year. While most of Microsoft’s time was given to other things, the announcement of Xbox Scarlett at the end won every gamer’s hearts.

But there is very little information on the new Xbox as Microsoft is trying to keep everything secret. Here is everything we know about the release date, models, cloud game support, price and specs of the upcoming Xbox Scarlett gaming console.

Xbox Scarlett: Price and Release Date

Xbox Scarlett Price and Release Date

Microsoft is planning to launch the Xbox Scarlett console during the Holiday period of the 2020 year which is kind of vague as it could be anywhere from October to December. However, the inside reports say that Microsoft plans to release their Xbox Scarlett the same day as Sony launches PlayStation 5 to give it a direct competition, which is why the dates are not exactly announced.

Even the price of Xbox Scarlett is not revealed as it could be changed based on the Sony PS5, but it should be somewhere between $300 to $400 as no one buys a gaming console above the price tag of $500 as evident from the Sony PS3 fiasco back in 2006.

Xbox Scarlett Models and Cloud Gaming

Xbox Scarlett Models

Microsoft at the E3 2019 said that there will only be one Xbox console to come out next year, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t have different models. As per the rumors, there are currently two variants planned by Microsoft called as Xbox Anaconda and Xbox Lockhart.

The first model Anaconda is said to have powerful specs giving direct competition to the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Lockhart model will be budget-friendly for normal gamers. There are also plans that Microsoft may come out with a third model called Xcloud console (Xbox mini) which could support cloud gaming and be in the league of Google Stadia and other such consoles.

Xbox Scarlett Specs and New Features

Xbox Scarlett Specs and New Features

Xbox Lockhart

  • CPU — Custom eight-core
  • GPU — Custom NAVI 4+ teraflops
  • RAM — 12 GB, GDDR6
  • Storage — 1 TB SSD, 1 + GB / s

Xbox Anaconda

  • CPU — Custom eight-core
  • GPU — Custom NAVI 12+ teraflops
  • RAM — 16 GB, GDDR6
  • Storage — 1 TB SSD, 1 + GB / s

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