You Season 2 of Netflix thriller is coming out with Victoria Pedretti and Guinevere Beck

Netflix is set to release a season 2 of YOU

Netflix’s dark thriller ‘You’ locked forty million people to their screens in the first month of its debut. Now, the series has confirmed to blow the minds of it’s 40 million viewers and more with Beck’s return in You Season 2 in late 2019. The confirmation rolled out with the end of filming of You Season 2 in June.

Netflix’s “You”- All you need to know about Season 1

Netflix agrees to You Season 2

“You” hit the screens with its innocent-faced protagonist, Joe Goldberg who works as a Bookstore manager in New York. Shortly after, he meets our wanna-be writer, Guinevere Beck, and falls for her beauty. Moreover, with time, Joe is trapped in his obsession towards her.

Joe sorts out all the hindrances in their romance and also begins keeping track of his lady love via social media and technology. But in no time we see our innocent Romeo turn into a serial killer as he grabs Beck at the finish of the Season 1. Beck is killed in her attempt to escape the bookstore basement she was locked in.

The season ends with the return of Joe’s former lover, Candace who is believed to be dead until now. However, Candace triggers our curiosity at the point when she enters the bookstore in a hoodie. However, the suspense rises as she leaves with the final words,

I think we have some unfinished business to talk about.

Everything here seems spooky and mysterious. And we can’t imagine how many times the season 2 is going to make us skip our heartbeat.

What’s You Season 2 going to have?

You Season 2 Poster


Well, the first good news that we will still get to see Guinevere Beck played by Elizabeth Lail on You Season 2. The Ex-Gossip Girl will make her comeback in a string of flashback sequences of Season 2. It’s all as hinted by Penn who plays the Joe Goldberg, the serial killer in the series.

Furthermore, Elizabeth Lail also revealed that Season 2 would also reveal of whatever Beck went through. Adding to which she said that she will still not be dead in Joe’s mind in You Season 2. And will share screen space in his flashbacks.

All in all Season 2 is going to root out from Caroline Kepnes’s book Hidden Bodies and will see Joe in LA. Here we will see Joe starting a new life with a new search for love or whatever you may say. However, the end might see him have a face-off with his trauma from childhood.

We might also see Victoria Pedretti from Haunting of Hill House in a season 2. She will enter the series in the central role of an aspiring chef making ends in a high -end grocery store.

It will be a treat to watch more thrill uncover in You Season 2. And for all this news, stay up with BlockToro.




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