YouTube vs TikTok: What is the Beef about? How is Carryminati involved in It?

YouTube vs TikTok What is the Beef about How is Carryminati involved in It

Carryminati’s roast of TikTok has gone viral and it has broken all records on YouTube by getting 1 million likes in just two hours of video upload. While everyone has seen the YouTube vs TikTok video, it has become a trend now and the beef has become a hot topic on social media.

Many of the common internet users are wondering what is the YouTube vs TikTok trend and how does it start? People are also wondering why is Carryminati roast video has gone viral and why is everyone talking about it. Here is everything you need to know about the whole rivalry, roast video and how Carryminati got involved in the whole feud.

YouTube vs TikTok: How it Started and Why is it Trending?

YouTube vs TikTok How it Started and Why is it Trending

YouTube vs TikTok trend started after a few of the TikTok users started blaming YouTube artists for stealing their content. One of the TikTok user named Amir Siddique claimed that YouTube stars don’t have any original content, they just upload TikTok videos of others and make fun of it to get more views.

It was also stated that YouTubers are not that talented and hardworking as they barely come up with a single video in a month, whereas TikTok users make around 10 videos per day. It was not very well received by the YouTube community and Carryminati decided to come up with a roast video to shut the TikTok users, giving rise to the “YouTube vs TikTok” rivalry.

Carryminati Roast of TikTok has Gone Viral

Carryminati Roast of TikTok has Gone Viral 

Carryminati aka Ajay Nagar is a popular YouTube artist with more than 12 million subscribers who is famous for his roast videos and game streams. Carry made a new video titled “YouTube vs TikTok: The End” where he replied to Amir Siddiqui’s accusation and roasted him very well.

Even the memers community came to the support and the video went viral within hours. Carryminati even did the transition effect in his video which one of the TikTok girls said is very hard to do and take hours of effort. Here is the Carryminati’s roast of TikTok video, which you can see for yourself and decide to pick a side in YouTube vs TikTok platform.

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