Youtuber plays Minecraft for 24 hours in VR

Youtuber plays Minecraft for 24 hours in VR

A Youtuber decides to play Minecraft for 24 hours using the VR platform. The man loaded the game in his VR and remained in the game for 24 hours. Later he released his experience where he revealed the effects on brain and body after playing for so long using VR.

Minecraft: Into the virtual world

This Youtuber wanted to live in such an environment for a long time to see how the body will react. The purpose of choosing Minecraft was because it allows the players a variety of options.

Minecraft provides an open environment where players can do many tasks and avoid them from getting bored.

Youtuber plays Minecraft for 24 hours in VR

Youtuber plays Minecraft for 24 hours in VR
Source: YouTube

The cycle of day and night in the game is shorter than the real one. 24 hours in the real world is approximately equal to 72 days in the game world.

Applow, the Youtuber said that during the early hours there were some issues with the controls. Later in the game, when he made the first house he got used to VR world.

Further advances in the game

Once Apollow was settled in the game world he decided to play it till the end and defeat the dragon. During the whole stream, the player took only 3 short periods of sleep during which his headset and controls were kept on. However, waking up in the game world was a bit odd but then he got adjusted.

Youtuber plays Minecraft for 24 hours in VR

Art for Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Source: Red Bull

Overall the experience did not give him health issues. But, sometimes when he was in the boat it felt a bit queasy.

When he defeated the dragon, in the end, he decided to sit on the top of a rock and waited for the digital sunrise.


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