Zombieland Double Tap Release Date Roundup: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

Zombieland Double Tap Netflx Hulu Amazon Prime Video release date

10 years after the first Zombieland movie came out, the sequel is finally out. This sequel is titled Zombieland: Double Tap and came out this past week to great fanfare. While the first movie in the series was one of the biggest names in the zombie comedy (zomcom) genre, the second movie follows up the act with similar humor.

Zombieland Double Tap on Amazon Prime Video

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Fans of the series are now waiting for when the second film will be made available to them on online platforms! Here’s a closer look:

When Will Zombieland: Double Tap Release on Amazon Prime

As of this writing, there’s no certainty that the sequel of Zombieland would land on Amazon Prime Video anytime in the near future. This is primarily because of the fact that the first part of the movie, too, is not on the platform! However, Amazon might just scoop up both of them at the same time – but for now, there’s no tentative release date.

Zombieland Double Tap on Netflix

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When Will Zombieland: Double Tap Release on Netflix

Zombieland: Double Tap is likely to get listed on Netflix very soon. Hopefully, around the time the holidays roll in, we might get this movie on the popular video streaming platform! The first part of the movie is also available on Netflix and hence it makes sense that Double Tap

When Will Zombieland: Double Tap Release on Hulu?
Zombieland Double Tap

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As of this writing, there is no information about this. However, we do anticipate Hulu to list this Zombieland sequel movie on to its platform in the very near future – hopefully sometime in 2020!

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