Zoom Server Down: Audio, Video and Meeting Problems due to COVID-19 Usage Increase

Zoom Server Down Users Complains about Problems in Audio, Video and Meetings

Zoom is down since the last morning and thousands of users across all over the world have complained about the digital conferencing service. There have been issues about audio, video, meetings and sometimes the entire Zoom server is down. The video conferencing service has given an update on the Zoom service status page confirming the problem and has said that the engineers are investigating the issue and it will be corrected soon.

Zoom down reports are on the rise with peak outrage at 3,000 user complaints. It makes sense given the increased usage of Zoom after COVID-19 lockdown, everyone has shifted to virtual meetings and the servers can’t handle the load. Here are the latest Zoom downdetector updates and statements from the company about resolving the issues.

Zoom Downdetector Updates and User Reports

Zoom Downdetector Updates and User Reports

Zoom Down detector reports shows a major spike that the service is down across the US and UK. New York, Boston, Washington, etc. and other larger cities are mainly facing the issues due to high-intensity usage. There has been Zoom log in issues, hosting problems, audio-video troubles, meeting connectivity and several other errors. Most of the users are complaining about broken links, blank screens and video issues after installing the latest Zoom updates.

Zoom usage Increase after COVID-19 Lockdown

Zoom usage Increase after COVID-19 Lockdown 

Even the Zoom website is offering a degraded experience and there are no replies from their official Twitter account about the complaints. The number of Zoom users has increased from 10 million to 300 million in April after the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to work from home. It seems that Zoom servers are not able to handle the increased userbase and they need to upgrade soon so that people don’t face any issues.

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